Natural Remedies for Pimples ? Effective and Permanent Pimple Cure

Pimples appear as small red pustules on the faces in most of the individuals in the adolescent stage. The hormonal imbalance after attaining puberty is responsible for the outbreak of pimples. The pores of the sebaceous glands get clogged and bacterial infection results in the formation of these red bumps. Most of the pimples are filled with pus, and one should strictly avoid squeezing the pimples to prevent scars.

Pimples do not create any serious health hazards, and it is totally a cosmetic concern. Severe outbreaks of pimples leave deep scar marks or freckles on the face that lowers the self esteem of an individual to a great extent. Treatment of pimples does not require any serious medical consultations, so many get rid of this problem through simple natural remedies.


1. A number of pus filled pustules or red bumps appear on the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders.

2. The sizes of these pustules vary from that of a pin head to the size of a pea.

3. There may be a painful feeling depending on the nature of the bacterial infection.


Common causes of pimples are

1. Clogging of the pores of the overactive sebaceous glands.

2. Hormonal fluctuations in adolescent stages and menstrual cycles lead to the hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands.

3. Certain drugs and medications.

4. Mental stress

5. Excess washing and scrubbing of the face.

Natural Remedies for Pimples

1. Application of a mixture of three tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of cinnamon powder and leaving it overnight helps in reducing the pimples.

2. Mix lemon juice and rose water in equal amounts and apply on the affected areas. Keep it for half an hour. Following this treatment 2-3 days a week will give you the best result.

3. A mixture of lemon juice and sandalwood powder is also effective in reducing the pimples to a great extent.

4. A mixture of lemon juice and groundnut oil or a mixture of lemon juice and cinnamon powder are also effective in reducing the pimples.

5. Prepare a mask from grated apple and honey and apply on the face. This is one of the effective natural remedies to treat pimples.

6. Applying pulp of red tomatoes or cucumber also helps in reducing pimples to a great extent.

7. Taking raw garlic internally or the application of garlic juice on the affected areas is equally beneficial in treating pimples.

8. Make a paste of margosa leaves and turmeric and apply on the affected areas. This treatment should be carried out regularly to reduce the pimples.

9. You can also take Golden Glow capsule which is an effective herbal remedy for pimples and acne.

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Holistic Medicine


Holistic medicine can best be described as a field of alternative medicine that is very diverse and broad. Providers of holistic medicine provide a diverse array of healing methods including those associated with emotional and spiritual care in addition to physical remedies in an attempt to let your body do its natural healing. There are so many techniques and a wide variety of practices in holistic medicine, depending on the healer, the patient, and what sickness is being dealt with. It differs from mainstream medicine in that it focus on all aspects of a person’s total health and well being. Many of these treatments and types of medicine are natural ways to help the body be as healthy as possible. All of these treatments however let the body do its natural healing and encourage the patient on multiple levels.


Holistic medicine uses a lot of different types of natural or alternative therapies. Many of these are derived from ancient forms of medicine as well as modern advances and knowledge of healing. A lot of holistic health care providers stress lifestyle changes as the best way to heal one’s body and spirit. Other things the practitioner might suggest are natural substances such as herbs and vitamins to aid in healing the body.  Some of the most common types of holistic medicines practiced today are, yoga, exercise, diet, breath work, acupuncture, herbs, vitamins and other supplements and a whole list of natural lifestyle remedies.

Due to the fact that holistic medicine is labeled as ‘alternative healing’ there is some controversy surrounding it. However, there are many benefits of holistic medicine if it is used alone or as a complementary medicine. For starters, it always suggests a healthier lifestyle which is proven to be good for your overall health. A lot of the healing techniques focus on the total health of your whole body and allowing and encouraging your body to heal itself.


Holistic medicine has become increasingly popularized over the last few decades. In fact, you may not be surprised to see healing centers popping up in your town too. It is a great approach to medicine and allows you to connect your physical, mental, and spiritual health and create a healthier more harmonious you. It can be a great alternative to mainstream medicine or even serve as a wonderful counterpart to your medical treatments. The goal of course is to create a healthy lifestyle so that you can live a long healthy life.

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Holistic Medicine Durham

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Homeopathic Therapies – The Best Folk Medicine

The utilization of homeopathy originated in Germany. This is based on the idea that our body has autonomous recovering abilities, and also this generally focuses at preventing illness and promoting well being. These natural therapies are rightly referred to as naturopathic remedies rather than pharmaceuticals due to the fact that they include several natural elements stemmed from minerals and herbs.


These homeopathic therapies are famous for preventing illnesses by strengthening the defense system. Homeopathic solutions are not made use of for dealing with critical scenarios like most cancers, or cardiac arrest, but they can be brought into play for managing small injuries and also persisting disorders.


What are Homeopathic Treatments?


Effectively, homeopathic remedies are watered down mixtures that are produced using substances acquired from minerals, herbs, creatures, and numerous additional sources. The solutions are weakened (making use of distilled water or alcohol) with the process named potentization. Another process, referred to as succussion is utilized where distilled materials are repetitively struck across extremely elastic surfaces. The whole entire procedure of producing these solutions makes them rather efficient in curing several afflictions and disorders.


Raw Elements – Completely Risk-Free for Human Beings


As naturopathic therapies are created making use of materials attained from pure sources, they are actually totally harmless even when consumed after a very long time. Certainly there is no scope of side effects, and therefore different at home remedies are even recommended for expectant women. Aside from that, such solutions can also be taken with pharmaceutical treatments without worrying about any negative reaction.


Treatment for People of all Ages


Individuals of all age groups can use homeopathic solutions. From toddlers to teenagers, adults and elderly, everybody could benefit from naturopathic treatments. Compared to mainstream medicines, generally there are really no constraints in relations to gender or age.


Different homeopathic treatments are extremely efficient. Appropriate analysis of the illness may quicken the healing progress. Apart from extremely acute illnesses, even chronic illness may be handled through naturopathic home treatments.


Long-Term Remedy


Most of the other health-related systems have short-term centric methods, but homeopathic medicine delivers a lot more long-lasting treatment. This is primarily because of the tested fact that homeopathic remedies have actually become commonly common amongst millions of people.


One more advantage of such treatments is that they adhere to the concept of exact solution for particular issue, and treat several overall health issues not actually on the basis of signs, but also their current root causes. Best of all, naturopathic at home cures are not at all addictive in nature.


Works in Harmony and Simple to Control


Naturopathic home remedies are popular for enhancing the immune system unlike other medicines that reduce symptoms. Homeopathic remedies function directory on numerous illnesses and improve the health of the system to allow it to resist several illnesses. Really this method is based upon the reality that our body has a potentiality to heal itself.


Naturopathic treatments can be administered easily as it is available in the form of globules or sweet medicines that consist of antitoxins. Even kids adore them as they are yummy!


Comparatively Low-Priced


Homeopathic at home solutions are very low-cost compared with some medicines. They can easily treat range of conditions such as arthritis, cholesterol levels, pimples, skin inflammation, breakouts, common colds and influenza, migraine, eye disorders, lung diseases, etc.


Certainly there are actually a number of naturopathic remedy options that have been found as being rather useful, such as Allium cepa, a reddish colored onion juice, and also Chamomilla, that is an extraction of chamomile, among several others is used for dealing with skin issues and breakouts. Yet another useful homeopathy treatment method called Apis is formed by bees, and is utilized for curing headaches.


The author of this article regularly contributes to a health site about homeopathic remedies. For expert information on natural cures and natural treatments see this holistic health site

How to Treat Pimples – Acne Care Tips to Get Rid of Pimples For Good!


Knowing how to treat pimples requires understanding what is it about and what primarily caused it.

Though you may see thousands of commercial topical and oral pimple treatments being sold in the market, both dermatologists and skin experts could not agree more that shopping for acne treatments require you knowing what caused pimples to appear in your skin.

Pimple Differs from One Another

It is important to understand that your sister’s acne treatment may basically work for you. Though you may be siblings, you must remember that pimples are caused by

* Hormonal cycles
* The medications you had been prescribed to take
* How often you feel stressed
* Your occupational risk

These are but some of the things that you have to consider in knowing how to treat pimples.

Getting Rid of Pimples

Getting rid of pimples is not as easy as grabbing one available solution that contains benzoyl peroxide.

But don’t do anything rush into anything just so you could get rid of pimples. Treat pimples with care. In fact, skin experts strongly oppose

* Using harsh and strong skin solutions like drying facial wash
* Pressing, picking, rubbing, and even manipulating pimples
* Getting over obsessive with cleaning your face
* Using hot water and even wash cloth to clean your face

Instead, know how to treat pimples gently and carefully. Your skin condition should improve gradually and not instantaneously.

Straight from the Rx Desk

Dermatologists strongly advice going easy with your face. Treat pimples slowly and gradually. Other things that you should remember in treating acne are as follows,

Go Natural

While it may be important for you to get rid of pimples overnight, just before an important presentation the next morning, skin experts recommend going for natural acne treatments.

There are so many herbs, plant-based solution, and non-irritating consumer products that you could choose from. Experts strongly recommend,

* Dabbing on some apple cider vinegar on existing pimples
* Mashed apple and honey used as face pack
* Herbs like Aloe Vera, Echinacea, walnut leaf, Tea tree oil, and Neem

When treating pimples, steer away from products that claim to be so powerful that it could treat pimples and give you that glowing skin all at once. An effective product must only provide an acne-clearing solution. Not anything else.

Powerful Acne-clearing Solutions

Check for these active ingredients when shopping for your acne treatments.

* Benzoyl peroxide
* Adapalene
* Erythromycin
* Azelaic Acid

One Important Reminder in Treating Acne

Skin experts and dermatologists would primarily inquire and look into the source and cause of your acne before prescribing methods on how to treat pimples. And, this is what should you also do.

Check on your habits. What time you go to bed, what chemicals are you exposed to when at work, and the drugs that you had been prescribed to take.

Getting rid of pimples does not necessarily mean getting yourself in to some laser procedures so you could get cleared of stubborn pimples.

Knowing what caused the pimples to appear in the first place is the first step in effectively treating this skin problem.

Time To Pay CLOSE Attention!

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Medicine Cabinets

For many bathrooms, storage can be quite limited, which is why the use of medicine cabinets is crucial to storing toiletries, medicine, and other small objects. Medicine cabinets serve two purposes, including storage and organization, as well as aesthetics and décor.  The medicine cabinet style that is most commonly used is the mirrored cabinet that sits above the sink area of the bathroom. This common type of medicine cabinet is situated under a main light so the mirror is most functional for different uses, such as applying makeup or shaving. These mirrored medicine cabinets come in either a single mirror cabinet, or multi mirror cabinets, depending on wall space, storage needs, and the size of the sink and cabinet area. Longer areas usually have multiple mirror medicine cabinets, while shorter areas usually have single mirror medicine cabinets. Sometimes, an extra single mirror cabinet might be placed on a sidewall for extra storage.

There are many benefits of installing a medicine cabinet in your bathroom. It is a nicely concealed storage area that gives quick access to items used on an everyday basis. Individual shelves with different heights can help to store and inventory items based upon height and size. Shelves can also store other items, such as manicure items, shaving kits, makeup, beauty and cosmetic tools, and more. The convenience of storing items in a medicine cabinet is because items do not have to be taken back and forth to the bathroom every morning. Though they are coined with the term “medicine cabinets”, prescription medication should not be ideally stored in these cabinets due to heat and moisture that may come into contact with it. However, over the counter medicines, pain medication, and other medicine that does not get harmed as easily by possible moisture can be stored in medicine cabinets.

When choosing medicine cabinets for your bathroom remodel or new home, there are two main types to choose from based upon how they are installed. These include surface mount medicine cabinets and recessed medicine cabinets. Surface mount cabinets are the easier to install of the two. This is because they are placed upon the wall surface much like that of a picture frame. If you want a medicine cabinet that comes outside of the wall up to four inches, surface mount medicine cabinets are an ideal choice. Recessed style medicine cabinets are installed to sit in a hole carved out in the wall. The mirror is actually flush with the wall in this style of medicine cabinet. This type of cabinet is more hidden and minimalist in style, since it does not jut out of the wall at all. Depending on the style and design of your bathroom, you may want either a surface mount medicine cabinet or a recessed style medicine cabinet. Either will provide a clean and hidden storage area for everyday toiletries. Look to the use of medicine cabinets with multiple shelves to store bottles, medicine, and other items that are easily accessible and within reach, right behind your bathroom mirror.

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Pimples Scar Therapy Methods

Acne is one of the most frequent and bothersome epidermis problems  for puberty. Although acne itself isn’t curable, even the most significant cases may be taken care of effectively.  For these sever  disorders , many kinds of acne scar therapy are readily available if warranted by the problem.

Current estimates indicate that 85% of the population between the ages of 12 and 24 suffer from acne. The severity and amount of time an individual has acne can vary from person to person, but for some of us, it should eventually go away by itself. It is true that even minor acne might affect natural social activities due to the undesirable changes to your appearance, but this is regarded more of a nuisance than anything else.

Unfortunately, there are often more serious forms of pimples with greater consequences. In addition to being unpleasant, sever instances of acne can trigger serious scarring. Pimples scars might occur in the two minimal pimples or intense pimples, but the chances of scarring increases as the acne severity increases.  Luckily, you have the option of choosing between several acne scar therapy strategies accessible.

The purpose of acne scar therapy is to restore your epidermis to its original appearance. You’ll discover, however, that restoration isn’t always 100%, but acne scar treatment works to make the scarring almost undetectable. There are a variety of strategies available to get rid off acne scars and each one uses a different approach. It is recommended that you talk to with a dermatologist to decide the very best process based on your type of pimples and the severity of scarring present.

At this point, you may be asking yourself how pimples scars occur. In general, pimples marks, and other sorts of scarring for that matter, result from tissue damage. After tissue is damaged, the body will begin healing itself and in the procedure discourages any chance of infection. Our bodies sends a special chemical call collagen to the impacted region. Sometimes, the collagen is produced in excess and develops into an irregularly shaped fibrous mass resulting in an pimples scar.

Other types of marks that might also occur include soft scarring, depressed marks, “ice-pick” scarring, atrophic macules, and countless other individuals. For the most portion, these types of scarring are caused by the deficit of tissue from a specific region.

Injecting collagen under the top of the scarred skin is one of the most well-known pimples scar treatment methods being used. The purpose of this technique is to puff out or restore the epidermis, which makes the scar a great deal less noticeable. Another pimples scar treatment method is called autologus fat transfer. This approach uses the fat from one part of the body for injection into the affected area. This helps to fill in the scar, but since fat is eventually absorbed into the body, repeated applications may be needed.

Other successful acne scar treatments encompass laser or dermabrasion. Skin grafting and even surgery is a possibility, but these procedures are used only used in the most extreme instances. Hopefully, you’ll not have to undergo any of these strategies to address your acne, but if scarring is present, with the help of the skin doctor you’ll be able to make an productive decision.

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Getting Rid of Blackheads and Acne – The Definitive Guide to Benzoyl Peroxide For Acne Treatment

One of the most popular methods for getting rid of acne is benzoyl peroxide acne treatment. It is being prescribed by thousands of dermatologists as a safe acne medication; and moreover, it’s usually used in most over-the-counter acne products. Running into some product containing it is something you can’t escape when trying to find out how to get rid of blackheads and acne. How safe is it? How effective is it? Let’s find out.

What Benzoyl Peroxide Is, and What It Does To Cure Your Acne

Benzoyl peroxide is an organic peroxide. It is an antibacterial and drying agent. Because there are infections in most acne, applying this substance helps in getting rid of it. Moreover, it is a drying agent as told before, and will remove lots of sebum (bodily natural oil) from your skin, making acne breakouts less likely to happen.

How Effective is Benzoyl Peroxide?

Simply put, benzoyl peroxide is moderate to highly effective in treating acne. Without taking into consideration the side effects and toxicity accompanied by it (it’ll be covered next in this article), it is safe to say that it is the most effective chemical for acne treatment. (Of course, there are very effective natural and dietary treatments also.) It is being used since 1920′s.

How Safe is Benzoyl Peroxide?

Benzoyl peroxide has a number of side effects which will be covered in this section:

Dryness: Dryness is the most common side effects associated with it. Since it is a drying agent as told before, benzoyl peroxide acne treatments will invariably make your skin drier than usual.
Irritation, itching: These also very common. Irritation and itching is a direct result of the dryness caused by benzoyl peroxide, since there is a reason the body produces sebum.
Extra sensitivity: The dryness and irritation told beforehand usually decreases over time as your body develops tolerance. However, in some cases, some people can be extra sensitive to it and those side effects will not wane over time, in which case it’s impossible for them to use BP.
Allergies: BP after all is a chemical and it is possible to be allergic to it. As in most allergies, it’s impossible to define a certain allergic reaction that will be triggered by your body. It might be unnoticeable to very important.
Free radicals: As discovered more recently, BP produces “free radicals” on your skin. As you might recall, it’s the same condition as exposing skin to sunlight without any protection. This means that in the long term, there is a possibility that it can cause skin cancer.


There is no denying that benzoyl peroxide acne treatment is effective. However, it has its risks as noted above. Especially, the free radicals produced by BP have only recently been found and thus there is no study concerning about the relation to use of it and developing skin cancer.

To the sensible mind, this means that you should first look into more natural methods such as natural home remedies and dietary treatments. If none of those methods work, then you can move on to use BP on your skin. Putting yourself into risk before trying other methods that have no risk at all is not logical.

For methods other than benzoyl peroxide acne treatment, you can visit my COMPLETELY FREE acne blog. I have fought acne for fifteen years and only recently I have been successful and I have gotten acne free.

How To Reduce Pimples

When reducing pimples there are many ways and techniques of doing that but it really depends on you, the place of the pimple and your type of pimple. But I have found a simple way of reducing normal sized pimples.

The cause

There are many reasons why pimples and spots are formed on the surface of the skin, such as, oily skin, your daily intake of food, dry skin, it may even be due to the weather conditions, it may be inherited and the list grows on.

The symptoms

You may hassle many symptoms from stops, for instance, irritation and discomfort as they can be itchy and they may even hurt from time to time, they may even discharge yellowish stuff from the pimple and then it might bleed which may lead to scaring.

The solution

And now finally for the solution…

Step 1 – Firstly, you will need to track down the cause of the spot in the first place, so if you find out your pimple was formed due to the oily skin, you can find ways to reduce that and to also try to stop others in the future from happening.

Step 2- Then, you will need to purchase a cream daily wash scrub which you can apply on morning and night which will cleanse deep into your skin, which will make your skin free from dirt, oil and clogged up pores

Step 3- You will also need to drink a lot of water and you will also need to keep a balance diet which contains your five a day fruit and vegetables and also you will need to exercise often.

Step 4- You should also consult a doctor if the problem persist or gets worse and if you have any problems or questions you need to ask and you could also ask a beautician if needed.

Many want to know how to reduce pimples. I’ll just come out and say it–ignore 95% of what you hear-it’s dead wrong. Here are 4 methods to get results in the next 72 hours:

Consume more salads

Sandwiches… chips… fries… processed meats… refined breads… these are all the staples of diets in civilized countries. It’s no wonder why 90% of people experience zits at some point in their life.

When you substitute these typical meals for a simple salad, you will see you skin clear up dramatically.Because they detoxify your body–which in turn clears your skin. Most people don’t put the 2 together, but when you clear your system, clear skin is the inevitable result.Most people dread eating natural foods because they think there’s no variety. There is actually FAR MORE variety than you could ever imagine.No it doesn’t–the chocolate bean has NEVER PROVEN to produce zits. It’s when you eat chocolate bars and ice cream that problems arise.There is so much junk in that stuff that it simply makes it very difficult for your body to digest.

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Natural Methods To Get Rid Of Pimples

Acne can be very embarrassing, painful and annoying – all at the same time. There are a number of acne control methods which a person can adopt for to get rid of it. Here are a list of things that you can take not of to help you remedy acne.

1. A face mask prepared by mixing both these ingredients in equal quantities with rose water is considered one of the best natural acne cures. Apply it on the affected skin, leave on for twenty minutes so that the skin absorbs it completely and then wash with cold water. Apply this face mask once a week for desired results.

2. When is the last time you scrub your face? Understand the importance that our skin has a 28 days cycle and if you do not exfoliate your skin, the dead cells will pile up giving you a dull and uneven appearance. You need to scrub away the layer of dead skin to give you a clean skin and is ready to absorb good nutrients that you applied on your face. Choose a facial scrub that is very fine and does not harm or damage your skin cells. Ideally you should scrub at least twice a week to give your skin a smoother and softer skin texture. After a facial scrub, you will notice that skin looks cleaner and clearer and easy absorption of nutrients products will result in a more radiant and softer skin complexion. Continue the regime and you will find your effort will reward you with an improved skin texture and radiant glow.

3. The oil cleansing method. Mix extra virgin olive oil with castor oil, put it on your face and place a hot towel on your face. Let the towel cool to room temperature and repeat once or twice. Then just wipe the oil off and splash cold water on your skin.

4. Another natural remedy for scars is aloe vera gel. The best gel comes from a freshly broken leaf, but you can also use a high quality gel from the drugstore. Begin by washing your face and patting dry with a clean towel. Spread about 1/8 inch of aloe gel over your scars and macules.

5. Take a well balanced diet. Sometimes acne can occur if the body is not receiving enough nutrition from the diet. So eat lots of vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, lean meats, low fat dairy products, lentils, whole wheat and brown rice. Taking a multi-vitamin pill everyday might help too.

6. One effective way to get rid of the toxins in your body by taking fruits and drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday. Don’t neglect this simple regime. The toxins affect your whole body system and if one is not working properly, it leads to other problems. Water and fruits help to prevent constipation problem and give you sufficient flow of water and vitamin C that our body requires for proper functioning. Start to cultivate this habit daily.

7. For macules and areas where acne has discolored your skin, sunlight is a great natural remedy. This works best if you expose your skin at the sun’s peak and don’t use sunblock. However, if you are prone to burning you should either use a low SPF sun screen, or try this in the afternoon when the sun’s rays are less intense.

Author is an online medical researcher on acne treatment and skin care. Click read more on acne treatment, eczema treatment.

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8 Natural Ways To Cure Pimples

This is where most acne victims go wrong. They keep searching for that one elusive cause for their acne. They believe that they can get clear by finding and eliminating the one thing that causes their acne. Different acne treatments are available to deal with this skin problem. But people these days are using natural treatment to cure acne.

Acne can also be caused by allergy to some food. So, avoid eating those foods that you are allergic to. This is considered as one of the best ways to heal pimples.

Cut the tomatoes into slices and rub them on the scars. This can be done each day to lighten the scars.

Aloe vera is widely regarded as an excellent treatment for acne as well as for general skin care. It is simply a matter of breaking the aloe vera leaf and applying the solution inside to the acne infected skin. These treatments should be used in conjunction with all the other methods mentioned above. If however you suffer any skin irritation, stop using immediately.

Neem oil oils from this tree have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties that help to heal skin lesions.

Drink Water: Drinking lots of water clean your skin. Drink about eight glasses of water each day. It is one of the best acne solutions.

You can apply lemon juice on the scars. Leave it for some time on the skin. Applying lime juice regularly will reduce the acne scars.

Try to avoid scratching, squeezing and rubbing the affected skin areas as this can cause damage to the skin membrane and can spread the infection to other areas.

preventing the outbreak of acne is to live a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise. A healthy diet provides your body with the nutrients needed to have healthy skin. A regular exercise routing helps to keep your blood flowing properly and helps to keep your skin healthy. You should learn which foods are more prone to cause acne outbreaks and avoid these foods.

Pimples can be caused by excessive use of make up. If you put on make up then remember to wash off your face before going to sleep.

Author is an online medical researcher on acne treatment and skin care. Click read more on acne treatment, herbal remedies for acne.